Size (will this fit me?) Medium
Width 125 mm
Style Light-Weight
Color Blue-Yellow
MEASURE 45-18-125

Blue-Yellow(8-16 yrs)

Cheers Computer Glasses for Boys and Girls - Anti Glare and UV Resistant

$2,999.00 $1,499.00
  • [ Kid’s Blue Light Glasses ], Kid’s glasses (non-prescription) for everyday life, while using computer, iPad or smart phone. Kid’s blue light glasses can 100% filter harmful blue light, UV400 rays. prevent eyestrain, headache and protect eyesight.
  • [ Blue Light Blocking Glasses ], Soft TR90 Premium Product: - made from ultra-soft light weight material which is super flexible as durable which doesn’t harm your kid’s skin. Silicone temple tip help for more grip n comfort.
  •  [ Computer Glasses ], multi color give you freedom for different use. kindly check frame size before buying it.
  • [ Blue Light Glasses Kid’s ], Ages 3-15: latest premium classic design blue light computer glasses for Kid’s are best for Kid’s, teens, boys and girls from ages 3 to 15 (for more accuracy, please refer to the frame size), high transparency of frames, lovely game glasses for children.
  • [ Kid’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses ]

Reduces Eyestrain

Better Sleep

TR-90 Material

Clear Vision

No Headache

Light as feather

Strong built


    Protect their eyes from harmful blue light with TheKids Gaming Glasses. These eye glasses protect your children’s developing eyes from the harmful blue light that PC, tablets, mobile devices and game consoles transmit. The Gaoye newest technology lens reduces glare and blocks blue light to ease eye dry and eye strain that is associated with increased use of electronics. These kids clear glasses offer full protection for your kid’s eyes so they can use computers safely and fully enjoy playing computer games

    Why do we need the blue light filter glasses?

    The journey of Shure began in April 1925 with a passion to create excellent microphones and other audio electronics. It was founded by Sidney N Shure and began as a one-man company selling radio component kits. Shure recently marked the 50th anniversary of one of its iconic products, the SM58 vocal microphone in 2016. Till date, Shure continues to be the benchmark for the industry for making high quality and reliable audio products. Over the years, Shure has become one of the most loved microphones and in-ear monitor brands around the world. Shure is dedicated to offering an immersive and inspiring music listening experience to the world.

    • Relieve symptoms of eye fatigue

      Prolonged exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light can lead to eye strain and blurred vision. VisionGlobal blue blocker lenses reflect and filter the blue light emitted in artificial light.

    • Improve sleep quality

      Exposure to high rate blue light will impact our sense of circadian rhythms and wreck our internal rock, then cause insomnia. Wearing VisionGlobal blue light filter glasses will improve your sleep, help you sleep better and feel good everyday.

    • Virtually clear

      Unlike typical blue blocker lenses which have a very noticeable yellow or orange tint, VisionGlobal lenses comes with a a super hydrophobic anti-reflective coating, and is one of the clearest blue-light-blocking lenses on the market, with only a slight tint.







    Features and Benefits

    Super light frame, soft skin-friendly nose pads reduce burden to your nose adapt to different nose shape. Light-weight frame and temple are made with high quality.Great fashion design for kids, this children’s blue blocker glasses have nice color is suitable for 2-10 years old, can fully match the characters of children, kids will love them.

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Cheers Computer Glasses for Boys and Girls - Anti Glare and UV Resistant
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