Cover sunglasses set mirror box sunglasses storage leather box compression mirror box special for delivery

Size Guide
Color :
Five-piece set of light board leather box packagi
Five-piece color mirror box packaging
Five-piece zipper leather box
No LOGO world cover
Leather pouch
Color mirror box
Zipper leather box
Black cloth bag
Black flannel
Polarized light test card
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  • Material: Leather
  • model: Mirror box set
  • use: glasses case
  • Item No.: Mirror box set
  • colou: Light board leather box packaging five-piece set, color mirror box packaging five-piece set, zipper leather box five-piece set, no LOGO cover, leather soft bag, color mirror box, zipper leather box, black cloth bag, black flannel, polarized test card
  • size: As shown
  • Accessories need to be shot together with glasses, single shot accessories will not be shipped
    Sunglasses box_01
    Sunglasses box_03
    Sunglasses box_05
    Sunglasses box_07
    Sunglasses box_08
    Sunglasses box_09
    Sunglasses box_10
    Sunglasses box_11
    Sunglasses box_12
    Sunglasses box_13


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