Blue Light Glasses for Kids Boys Girls Teens Premium Computer Glasses Unbreakable Frame Anti Eyestrain UV400 Ray Protection Anti Glare Prevent Headache

Color :
5 Pack Mix-1-CDBL0375-01
5 Pack Mix-2-CDBL0375-02
5 Pack Mix-2 (Age 3-10)-CDBL0175-02
5 Pack Mix-2 (Age 6-18)-CDBL0275-02
Black + Pink Green + Blue Yellow (Age 3-15)-CDBL018-245
Blue + Pink Green + Red White (Age 3-15)-CDBL018-123
Green+Red+Blue+Pink+Blue (Age 3-8)-CDBL0175-01
Green+Red+Blue+Pink+Blue (Age 8-16)-CDBL0275-01
  • Imported
  • TR90 + Silicone Temple Tip frame
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses lens
  • Non-Polarized + UV400 Protection
  • UV400 coating
  • Lens width: 45 millimeters
  • Bridge: 18 millimeters

Product description

Blue light is all around us — it’s what makes the sky blue and what glows from the phone as your child plays games or watches a movie. So should you buy your kids blue light glasses? Parents who worry about blue light from screens can limit their children’s screen time, teach them the 20/20/20 rule — looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds after 20 minutes in front of the screen — and buy their child blue light glasses. So, what is blue light anyway? It’s visible light with shorter wavelengths and more energy than light at the other end of the color spectrum. The sun is the primary source of blue light, but blue light also comes from: Computers, tablets and smartphones Fluorescent lights LED lights Television screens Why Your Kids Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses? 1. With remote learning, virtual class meetings, and the myriad of fun games, videos, and lessons that kids are taking part in each and every day while they’re home, it’s likely their screen time has gone way up. Given the circumstances, parents may be more flexible with screen time limits, but they also might want to consider the amount of blue light their kids are taking in. 2. Excessive blue light exposure is linked to headaches. In the long term, can increase your kid's risk of developing retinal damage. 3.The blue light, which is almost as dangerous as ultraviolet light, In the long term, irreversible eye damage. How to protect kids' eyes from the harmful effects of blue light? CHEERS DEVICES Blue light blocking glasses are available to help reduce the amount of harmful light emitted from those devices. Kids can wear the glasses while they are scrolling, browsing or gaming and still be able to get to bed without feeling wound up. If kids are on their devices after the sun goes down, a pair of these glasses can be especially helpful.

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